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How do Drinking Age Limits affect other countries in the world?

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NORTH AMERICA- Canada- By: Michael
      • The drinking age in Canada ranges from 18-19 through out the providences, with adult supervision.
      • In Canada, There is no federally imposed limit as far as a legal drinking age in Canada.
      • The only providences that have a 18 year old drinking age are Alberta, Montreal Manitoba, and Quebec.
      • Drinking is not allowed out in public, and places like parks are prohibited from alcohol drinking, unless there is a special license given for a special event.
      • Drinking is not allowed for people that are operating automobiles, no matter what age they are.
      • In Canada the same age your allowed to buy alcohol, your also allowed to drink it.

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EUROPE- Spain- By: Ian
  • The legal drinking age of most areas of Spain is 18, however in Asturias which is an Autonomous Community in northern Spain is 16
  • Underage drinking is illegal and can cost you up to 600,000 Euros
  • The drinking age used to be 16 and the drinking culture was way more relaxed, that has all changed now
  • In Spain drinking is a part of the culture
  • The legal limit in Spain is 0.5 g/1 blood and 0.25mg/1 breath
  • The Spanish goverment is trying to prevent underage drinking due to the negative effects alcohol has on the developing brain
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  • 18 years of age- not strictly enforced
  • Allowed to drink in the public and as a passenger in a motor vehicle.
  • The only drinking law strictly enforced is drinking while driving and drinking in soccer stadiums.
  • The drinking and driving law is a very controversial law in Brazil. The legal limit is 0.00.
  • Brazil has many problems with underage drinking. The drinking age in Brazil is 18. Many crimes arise from this problem.
  • ID’s are checked at many big clubs in Brazil and there are signs that warn against underage drinking.
  • Brazil is not safe, especially when you are at a party and there is alcohol. People can get mugged, robbed, assaulted and worse when there is alcohol.
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AFRICA - Egypt
  • Drinking age is 18 (Beer) and 21 (Wine and Spirits).
  • Since most of the population in Egypt is Muslamic many do not drink.
  • Egypt's blood alcohol limit is 0.05
  • Egyptians drink alcohol in holy events to honor egyptian goddesses.
  • The only other drinking law bans the sale and consumption of alcohol in public places except tourist area's.
  • Alcohal was also used in spiritual rituals to burn bodies to send them in the afterlife.
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